The divinatory art of the Nordic gods

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The runes of the old FUTHARK bear names of objects, animals, feelings or gods.
To capture the divinatory and magical essence of runes, you have to dive into the heart of Nordic mythology and explore its imagery.
The tradition of the runes resonates with the divinities of destiny, divided into three groups: the aettir.
A twenty-fifth rune has been added for use in divination ... WYRD, destiny!


Consultation of the Norns

In Nordic mythology, the Norns were three important female divinities. Their function was to preside over the destiny of men and gods.
This type of draw gives a positive or negative answer to a closed question. It also gives tips for choosing an orientation.
This is by far the most common method used on a daily basis. It allows to obtain a fast answer on various subjects.

  • The first rune describes the past, the influences.
  • The second rune describes the present and gives advice.
  • The third rune announces the probable future and the solutions.

Free draw

How to draw the runes

There are some different draw methods for Futhark runes. Among the main methods, we can count:

  • The consultation of the Norns (3 runes)
    To answer a closed question.
  • The Odin Cross (5 runes)
    To answer a general question.
  • The head of the god Mimir (7 runes)
    To answer a specific question.
  • Thor's Oracle (7 runes)
    To answer a specific question.
  • The Celtic Cross (10 runes)
    To be guided on the next 6 to 12 months.
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Rune of the day


Birch, tree of life, rebirth. BERKANAN is the rune mother of all the others. It symbolizes birth and growth. It presides over the rites of passage of human life: birth, adolescence, marriage, death. BERKANAN is therefore closely linked to the mother and the home. This rune emphasizes the slow development that can only occur if we remain attentive to what is going on around us and we adapt to the circumstances.

Renewal of the rune every day

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